Wage Portage, for whom and why?

The perfect solution between independence and salaried employment.

Combine security, freedom, and simplicity!

Wage portage is an attractive option for many professionals seeking to combine the benefits of independence with the security and advantages of salaried employment. However, it is essential to choose a reliable wage portage company and understand the specific terms of your situation to make the most of it.

That's why Squadeo communicates transparently about the details of contributions and management fees. Calculate your income estimate here and get a pay slip simulation tailored to your situation.

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Discover the benefits of wage portage

Employee advantages1 - The benefits of employee status

Benefit from employee social protection and therefore from the systems and measures guaranteeing your economic, medical, and social well-being:

  • Health insurance covers your medical expenses, including doctor's visits, medications, hospitalization, and dental care.
  • Work accident insurance covers medical care in case of a work-related accident or illness. It ensures compensation for any periods of incapacity for work.
  • You contribute to unemployment insurance, which can intervene in case of involuntary job loss, providing replacement income while you find a new position.
  • Contributing to the pension system throughout your career allows you to build a regular income for your retirement.
  • Depending on the number of children you have, employee social protection may also entitle you to family allowances.
  • Whether you choose wage portage in a permanent or fixed-term contract, you are entitled to paid leave according to the number of days determined by the agreement.

We subscribe to professional liability insurance for you:

It covers material, financial, and personal damages that could be caused to third parties in the course of your professional activity.

Thanks to the employee status, you benefit from our company health insurance:

Our insurance is covered 70% by Squadeo and offers excellent health coverage for employees and their families. You can also choose to cover your household members to benefit those close to you.

Freelance freedom2 - The same freedom as a freelancer

Like any independent, you have the choice to select your clients and the nature and duration of your missions. We are here to support you if you are looking for a specific project, but you remain in charge of your activity according to your needs, making wage portage a tailored solution. By working on various projects for different clients, you can gain varied and enriching experiences in your field. You also set your salary*!

Wage portage is much simpler than freelancing, and you don't need to undertake administrative steps to get started. Unlike a traditional freelancer, you don't need a SIRET number or to create a company. You just need to provide some information to register in a few clicks and without any direct fees on our online platform.

Do what you like3 - Focus on what you enjoy

Say goodbye to administrative procedures, Squadeo takes care of everything!

  • We handle the billing process for services provided to clients, i.e., we manage invoice creation, payment tracking, and supplier reminders.
  • We directly pay your social contributions to the competent organizations, such as social security, unemployment insurance, or retirement. Thus, you receive the full income shown on your pay slip, without worrying about additional charges.
  • We handle your tax declarations by paying taxes and duties related to your professional activity, including income tax and VAT.
  • We manage the reimbursement of your professional expenses by directly including them on our clients' invoices.
  • We take care of your accounting and you can find your pay slips on the Squadeo platform, gathering all your administrative documents in one place.

Freely evolve in your career:

Being registered with the general scheme, you have the right to continuous professional training. You can therefore upgrade your skills and follow the latest developments in the fields that interest you!

Bag of coins4 - The security of regular income

Every month, Squadeo pays you a salary corresponding to your activity and provides you with a detailed pay slip. This document, often requested by financial institutions, represents a guarantee for your personal projects.

It is important to be able to accurately anticipate your income, which is why we transparently explain the calculation of your compensation. It corresponds to your business turnover minus employer and employee contributions, withholding tax, Squadeo management fees (between 4 and 8%), and the benefits included in our wage portage offer (i.e., company health insurance and the works council).

So, there are no surprises at the end of the month: the amount paid to you corresponds to what appears on your pay slip in its entirety. After that, you have nothing to declare or taxes to pay!

Attractive salary5 - An attractive remuneration

Your remuneration is calculated on the model presented above, and allows you to earn more interesting revenues than if you were in a micro-enterprise or employed by a company. Why is this? Because by delegating all the administrative, accounting, and legal tasks to the portage company, you do not multiply the services you would have needed to use, thus benefiting from an advantageous rate. On average, the salary you get with Squadeo is up to 30% higher than a remuneration that would have been paid in a company.

Moreover, we guarantee at Squadeo the transparency of our calculations and no hidden fees retained later, so you know exactly what to expect on your payday!

Squadeo network6 - Benefit from Squadeo's client network

We have been working for several years with various market players and are referenced with several large groups, which gives you access to more opportunities. You can even contact us before having a client, and we will support you in your mission search according to your interests, skills, and needs!